You can have a loan in a safe and convenient way?

You can have a loan in a safe and convenient way?

Get private and public workers ready

Public Loan

Starting from the second week of April , in fact, you could receive the so-called ” orange envelope “, the letter containing the simulation of the future pension. The conditional is a must, though, because nothing is certain yet. The first attempt was made at Christmas, but due to a procedural distraction in Parliament, nothing came of it. Today, even in the face of new funding, the president of INPS, Tito Boeri, is determined to carry out this mission, which will involve 7 million Italians .

But what will these letters contain?

Money Letter

According to INPS representatives, private and public employees (who will receive it as an attachment to the pay slip) will be able to check their contributory account statement and a simulation of their future pension . In addition to giving the opportunity to become aware of one’s own economic situation in old age, the goal that INPS wants to achieve is to give workers greater awareness for financial and social security protection . It appears that only 4 out of 10 Italians are able to interpret the most elementary economic variables, such as the statement of account, the change in purchasing power or the importance of having a diversified portfolio.

It might seem, especially for younger workers, that a simulation of their pension can be of little use because it is too far in time. In fact, having a good knowledge of your future economic situation can be very useful indeed . If, for example, in the coming years we expect our portfolio to be heavier, the solution to improve consumption today could be to take out a loan. Why in fact renounce to satisfy any need when, with a brighter future, you can have a loan in a safe and convenient way? With the new promotions and the different solutions, finding the right loan has become an even simpler operation.




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