Loans for retired teachers: how to get them?

Loans for retired teachers: how to get them?


There are categories of pensioners who are particularly subsidized when they have to obtain loans . These are retirees of the public administration, those enrolled in the unitary management of credit and social benefits. That is a category that also includes former teachers .

Masters, professors of middle and high schools, employees of public education : these professional figures could apply for the subsidized INPDAP loan which today has been merged into the INPS which provides various solutions for the small loan.

Because in many cases it is not the large sum it serves. The crisis is slowly decreasing the purchasing power of savings and the new generations need a helping hand, they need someone to help financially the uncertain finances.

Small loan


This is why the small INPS loan can help the retired teacher who wants a sum to help a relative, or simply to treat himself to a holiday or face an unexpected medical expense without disturbing the children already struggling with other difficulties.

The small loan to former employees of public education has very specific characteristics: it must not be documented, that is you can use the sum as you think, it must be returned through the sale of the fifth, can be divided into different installments:

  • 12
  • 24
  • 36
  • 48

The first case is an annual loan and corresponds to a net monthly salary that is divided into 12 installments, and so on for the other formulas: two pensions, three pensions, four pensions. The sums are not excessive and correspond to those needs that may arise from one moment to another in life.

The role of the Cession of the Fifth


The balance of these installments is executed with the sale of the fifth , a formula that we have already encountered on our journey. The reason is simple: with the transfer of the fifth the loan to pensioners is safe even in cases of protest.

The monthly payment is repaid even before reaching the pensioner’s current due to an agreement between the body that pays the pension and the one that defined the credit towards the pensioner.

The nominal annual interest rate is 4.25% plus an administration fee of 0.50% and a risk fund premium.

How can you understand the small INPS loan (formerly INPDAP) is perfect for retired teachers who want to keep their professionalism alive, who may want to keep up to date with some training or refresher courses and who want to buy a new one every week text to study for one’s own culture and that of the grandchildren.


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